Labergan About Us



Back in 1979, in west Greece, in a region surrounded by lakes and mountains,with a nature still unspoiled from the heavy industry,a small family apotheke starts its way.


our roots

Those influences,are geographically connected with the organic herbal cultivation of southern France,and the further distillation of their essensial oils, andmainly come from their mother roots and Tuscany of Italy.Collage_Fotor123434



From the very first moment of its existence, this family approached  phytotherapy and galenic formulations with love, respect and passion.



The herbal treating process, from the cultivation to the final product, intrigued family’s older son, and lead him to Spain  to expertise himself in phytotherapy.





By the passing times, the influences of the younger family members, Andreas and Dinos- pharmasists as well- defined significantly its progress.

Andreas Marchetti Kakavoulas was born and grew up in Greece in 1984.After he graduated high school he studied Pharmacology and Industrial Pharmacy in University of Bologna (Italy) and returned back to work in his familys apotheke.Through the passing years,after he carried out his Msc studies in Phytotherapy in University of Trieste (Italy) and the University of Madrid (Spain) he settled a phytotherapy lab into the family’s pharmacy.The following step was a Master degree in Cosmetology & Cosmetic Science in the University of Ferrara (Italy).His passion for creating formulations based on herbal ingredients and his vision for developing natural beauty products evolded in the foundation of Labergan Natural Cosmetics

Dinos Kakavoulas Marchetti was born in Italy in 1988 and grew up in Greece where he graduated from high school.He studied Pharmacology and Industrial Pharmacy in University of Bologna (Italy) as well and after his graduation he returned back to Greece to work along his older brother, Andreas, to develop and build up together the brand of Labergan cosmetics

skin care products

We developed skin care products consisted exclusivelly of natural, organic, active ingredients. Synthetic compounds, usually used in cosmetic industry extremely hazardous not only for our planet but also for our health, have no place in our products.
Our basic principle: Nature is our best friend.

Labergan Philosophy

We carefully and respectfully derive from natural resourses, oils, purfumes and extracts, taking into account, that every single partner involved in the production process  believes in our principles.We take a great deal of effort so as not to disturb environmental natural balance, during the production distribution and selling process. All theese issues are crucial for us and have become our mission.

Labergan natural cosmetics are exclusivelly made out of qualitative, natural raw materials. This is the reason why we carefully select our partners taking into consideration the way they treat to  herbs and reassure that those herbs are derived from renewable sourses.